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Grand Cru Airlines offers reliable, safe and competitively priced charter flights to Europe and Africa as well as aircraft leasing services, including ‘GCA Hybrid Lease’, which is completely flexible and customer-tailored. Our company also offers aircraft management solutions and provides consultancy services how to profitably manage client’s aircraft according to his particular requirements. Whether a client owns or leases an aircraft, we are able to manage it under our air operator’s certificate (AOC) with maintenance, spare parts and flight support.


Grand Cru Airlines is a joint-stock company, owned by a group of investors from Western Europe. Grand Cru Airlines personnel have extensive experience and are favourably recognized by the international aviation specialists as well as Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania (CAA). The top-management of the company knows each other well from previous cooperation, which gives operational excellence to our experienced team.


Build and secure a strong position in the constantly growing and changing air charter market. Provide the highest quality services for our customers, high-return on investments for our shareholders, and the best possible work environment for our employees. Provide tour operators with a unique competitive advantage in offers to their customers.


Grand Cru Airlines – leading charter flights and aircraft leasing company in the Baltic States and Europe.

Our Brand

The term ‘grand cru’ describes a vineyard in France where high quality wine is produced and refers to a class that is an official grade of French wine. Generally, ‘grand cru’ indicates something that possesses a favourable and positive reputation. Therefore, this term is widely applied to describe different products. Literally, ‘grand cru’ refers to ‘belief without any doubt’ and defines reliable, valuable, and high quality things. Basically, Grand Cru Airlines has the same characteristics: potential for great growth by reason of its essential values.


We are a new company with experienced and dynamic staff who are well-educated, well-trained, well-skilled and customer-focused. We set the highest standards and goals, constantly working to deliver the best quality services. We comply with all of the laws and regulations related to our activity. We respect the environment and communities where we operate


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